SMO Collaborative Network Services
Selected SMO partners, excellent national CRCs in the library, real-time project management, transparent operation.

Nearly a hundred qualified SMO companies have settled on the TrialOS platform, which have nationwide business coverage capabilities, adhere to unified and compliant execution standards and processes, and use informationized project management and operation models to provide customers with a one-stop management service.

Issues in SMO Service

Slow match of limited CRC resources

One project must be connected to multiple SMO suppliers due to site’s white list
Limited resources of existing suppliers

Difficulty in controlling SMO expenses

Quotes are opaque and there will be many changes during enforcement
Large staff mobility increases transfer costs

Difficulty in project management

It’s hard to control workload due to decentralized staff
It’s hard to master project process due to the difficulty in communication and collaboration

Project quality is difficult to guarantee

Vulnerability is hard to trace because of traditional paper records and offline enforcement
Deliverables are often missing and the quality is a concern
Service Advantages