NomenCTMS-Clinical Research Project Management System for GCP Site
A clinical trial information technology services and cooperation work platform designed for GCP site.

NomenCTMS is a clinical trial information technology services and cooperation work platform,aiming at improving the quality and reducing the risks of clinical trials. Based on the Criteria for the Quality Control of Clinical Trial of Drugs (GCP), Guiding Principles for Ethical Review of Drug Clinical Trials, Standard Operating Practices for Ethical Review (SOP), and Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Trials (SOP),NomenCTMS implements process management of clinical trials in hospitals, starting from the review, service, and management of clinical trials by GCP sites and ethics committees.

Platform Features

Management & Service

Provide full-process online technical services to improve the quality of clinical trial implementation and subjects’ risk control capability, and strengthen management effectiveness.

Efficient Cooperation

The rigorous task division brings the efficient cooperation among all the stakeholders of clinical trial.

Automatic Process Recording

Process information of nodes is automatically recorded and locked, and original evidence is locked in real time to provide a complete evidence chain for tracing the process of clinical trials, effectively avoiding data loss under manual management and time waste caused by repeated data sorting.

Automatic Collection of Clinical Data

Automatic collection and storage of LIS and PACS report data service based on medical systems, provides accurate and unmodifiable raw data for clinical trials; at the same time, provides privacy desensitization interfaces for data monitoring and auditing, reducing the risk of information leakage from direct access to medical systems.

Automatic Collection of Process Information

Automatically identify and collect the result information generated in each section of clinical trials, greatly improving the efficiency of clinical trial implementation and management.

Barcode Recognition and Verification

It can realize the barcode identification, scanning identification and automatic verification of prescriptions, recall lists and drugs, and provide accurate and efficient technical support for clinical trial medications, preventing manual errors and improving the safety of trial medications.

Lightweight Application

The standardized data dictionary and automatic inheritance of the same field in different business operations reduce the workload of repeated input of information greatly.The batch input support of tabular data and export of format data such as PDF, EXCEL, etc. , enables PI to input, share,statistics and analyze data efficiently.

Smartphone APP Supported

The Smartphone APP helps users to inquire and track the test items, check the follow-up calendar, make appointments for subjects, inspect the quality control, inquire drug information, review document archiving at any time.