GCP-X Intelligent Clinical Trial Platform
An integrated quality control system for strengthen overall quality by covering planning, execution and rectification.

GCP-X is an intelligent data management platform serving the drug clinical trial institution by covering the entire clinical trial business and data process. It provides the accurate and powerful data support by integrating the historical data from HIS,and sorting out various general standard data-sets for clinical trials.

System Features

Intelligent remote monitoring

Complete data collection
Real-time data update
Multiple intelligent quality control
Data security protection

Smart recruitment

Text mining, effectively combing and recruiting general data sets
Integrated whole patient data to expand the scope of potential subjects
According to the entry criteria, intelligently match and accelerate the recruitment efficiency of potential subjects.

Online image transmission

Direct connection to PACS, full management of image data
Intelligent export, safety compliance

Investigation and Analysis

Data-driven, intelligent search for patient population
Intelligent portrait of patients, intelligent analysis of search crowd

Direct connection between HIS and EDC

The clinical data is converted and transmitted to EDC by using the CDSIC data standard through ODM
NLP structure a large amount of unstructured data (such as electronic medical records, inspection reports)
The data flow process is traceable