eQuality-Electronic Quality Audit System
Establish an information QA system, improving compliance of clinical trial solutions and GCP to reduce trial risks

eQuality is a management tool designed for sponsors or third-party audits. QAS provides a template for standard clinical trial audit process planning and independently evaluates trial quality, reduces risks, and improves compliance of trial solutions and GCP, establishes an information-based QA system through programmatic system audit and problem CAPA management.

System Features

Information Quality Management System

Support customized audit types, including internal and external processes
Define different contents of audit report according to different types of audits
Customized approval process to meet different quality management SOPs of various enterprises
Diverse statistical reports, dual presentation of data and graphics

Programmatic CAPA, multi-role collaboration

Remind and track weekly, monthly and quarterly audit plans
Encrypted by international trade secret algorithm, ensuring document security
Comprehensive audit history, traceable history of additions, deletions, changes and investigations of the documents