eSAE-SAE Filling and Submitting System
A secure, intelligent and universal system which complies with E2B specifications,
supports SUSAR collecting and online SAE distribution andsubmission.

Since February 25, 2019, the National Health Commission no longer accepts SAE reports carried by EMS and will return all SAE reports from EMS courier. The era of electronic collection of SAE reports has officially begun. eSAE complies with E2B specifications, support SUSAR collecting and online SAE submission and distribution; eSAE is docked with standard PV system, transmitting SAE electronic information through Gateway encrypted channel without secondary entry by PV staff; researchers can submit the SAE reports to the National Health Commission and the National Medical Products Administration online with one click ( by fax/email ) and the sponsors can also distribute multi-site SAE reports with one click.

System Features