eSite-Clinical Trial Management System for GCP sites
A project management system for GCP sites based on multi-party collaboration to enhance the operational capacity of sites,
and improve the quality and efficiency of trial operation.

eSite is a multi-party cooperation platform for clinical research project management independently developed by Taimei Technology for GCP sites. eSite establishes standardized operational procedures and tasks for all parties involved in clinical research project preparation, project operation, and project completion to help GCP sites effectively carry out project management through information technology, enhance the operational capacity of institutions, and improve the quality and efficiency of trial execution.

System Features

Take the organization as the center, provide cooperation platform, information exchange and sharing for the sponsor and the organization.

Online ethics submission and reviewing, improving the efficiency of ethics meetings

Docking with the HIS system in hospital to share the subjects’ information

Highly flexible, self-configuring project management process according to site SOP

eTMF professional document management: all folders of the project are set by default according to the GCP specification to comply with the requirements intelligently

Intelligent reminder of quality management, online following up related problems

Transparent and standardized staff training and management

Real-time display the multi-dimensional visual statistical report

Product Function

Organizational management

Ethical management

Quality control management

Subject management

Drug / material management

File management

Personnel training

Scientific research platform

Equipped with a mobile APP to process tasks quickly

Charts to watch automatic reminders such as project updates, expiration dates, meeting notifications, etc.

Multi-system integration

eSite can be integrated with many other systems by Taimei Technology to strengthen communication and cooperation with the sponsors and form a complete online project management system.