eCooperate(CTMS)-Clinical Trial Cooperation Platform
To optimize clinical research operations management systems, and support decision-making with big data technology.

A new-generation clinical research project management platform based on multi-cooperation, controlling the quality and efficiency of researches as well as risks and costs.
eCooperate takes project management as the core concept, and connects clinical research information systems such as eArchives (eTMF), eCollect (EDC), eBalance(IWRS), etc., implementing real-time information collection of management flow, document flow, data flow, material flow and other aspects, and optimizing clinical research operations management systems, supporting decision-making with big data technology.

Functional Features

Convenient and intuitive

Apply multi-dimensional visualized reports, real-time tracking of the projects’ progress and quality

Big data analysis

Based on RBM big data, optimize operation management,control risks and support decision-making

Efficient and flexible

Customized reports and processes, etc, collaborated with eTMF, efficient online management and embedded with eTime system

AI and mobilization

Intelligent approval and report management,mobile app configuration

Team management

Based on user behavior data, forming target-oriented performance management and improving team capabilities
eCooperate Utilizes RBM Big Data Analysis,
Optimizing the Operation Management System

Equipped with a dedicated mobile APP- eCooperate

CRA: Task reminder, automatic generation of to-do items; intelligent voice input, intelligent report drafting; automatic generation of PDF documents of uploaded photos for archives;
PM: Intelligent approval, automatic screening for key items; visualized report with real-time project tracking

Integrate with multiple systems of Taimei Technology for efficient cooperation

Based on the advantages of the platform, eCooperate can integrate with multiple systems of Taimei Technology to form an efficient project management system and implement unified data standards and process collaboration.