eImage-Medical Image Reading System
A tool for independent image evaluation with standardized control and electronic management throughout the process, improving the efficiency of image reading and ensuring the quality of research.

eImage is an information system independently developed by Taimei Technology based on the actual needs of enterprises and regulatory trends to improve the efficiency and accuracy of independent image evaluation. eImage realizes the standardized control and electronic management of the entire image reading process in the project cycle, and provides data cloud storage, instant quality control, random blind method, accurate evaluation, real-time reporting and so on, to reduce variabilities and ensure accurate and reliable results, thus improving the R&D efficiency and quality of drug and equipment, accelerating time to market.

Issues in Medical Image Reading

Images cannot be shared in time

Delay in quality control and correction measures

No complete audit trail

Difficulty in tracing to source data

Manual blindness and lack of management generate review bias and variability

Embed Advanced Technology to
Improve Reading Efficiency and Diagnosis

Image Fusion

Different image nature can be fused in the same field of vision, to accurately determine the suspected lesion site.

Split Stack Technology

Simultaneous display of contrast images of lesion at different phases.

Specialist Measurement Technology

To meet the strict requirements of different technical diagnosis of breast, orthopedics, dentistry and gastroenterology.

Hyper Boost Access Technology

High-speed image data transmission,
to simultaneously and fast opening a large number of images.

Complete Audit Trail

Meet the technical guidelines for applying computer systems in clinical trials, and other regulatory and industry standards in 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5 system.

Security protection

Lock screen and log off protection;Do not use temporary files to prevent privacy leaks;168Bits Communication Security. Encryption, Data Encryption;Meet HIPAA requirements to prevent private output of images.

Quality assurance

High standard quality control mechanism to help R&D and save costs.

Data Interworking

EImage interpretation data can be directly synchronized to the eCollect (EDC) and other systems of Taimei Technology, reducing the risk of duplicate entry work and data errors.