eSafety-Pharmacovigilance System
Covers the entire process of pharmacovigilance and establishes a complete product safety information database. With high-quality and efficient artificial intelligence, risks are well controlled and patient medication security is ensured.

eSafety is a leading intelligent professional information system for pharmacovigilance that meets the requirements of domestic and foreign regulations. It is built by senior pharmacovigilance experts from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and computer engineers after deep interpretation of pharmacovigilance regulations by Taimei Technology.

System Features and Advantages

Reports entry

One-stop intelligent model, suitable for various requirements of reports

Export and submit reports in multiple formats

Efficient and regulated

Signal detection

Timely action in response to information mining

Pharmacovigilance knowledge base

Intelligent Q&A, accurate response

Reports batch processing

Accurate processing of feedback data from different sources

PSUR report drafting

Holistic processing method improves the quality and efficiency

Query transmitting

Comprehensive and convenient

Literature search and management

Efficient automatic retrieval configuration, saving time and effort

Medical evaluation

Professional and clear

Statistical Analysis

Multi-level and multi-dimensional reports

Form an enterprise drug safety information database

Information collection, storage, analysis and application
Risk control and management
Realize data interaction and sharing with eCollect, eBalance, eReport

Effectively improve work efficiency and save costs

Import and process data in batches
Application of artificial intelligence technology
Mobile-end information collection

Have a complete standard process which complies with regulatory requirements

System functions cover the entire process of pharmacovigilance
System design complies with international standards and China's national conditions
Keep audit history to meet audit requirements

Optimize staff configuration, quick training

Information-based working mode, saving manpower
Standard processes and operating methods, easy to use