TrialOS Drug Digital Cooperation Platform
To accelerate new product launch through integrated resources for effective quality research.

Based on the digital operation platform for biopharma industry, Taimei Technology has been adhering to the ‘Accelerating The Accessibility of Innovative Drugs’ for the mission, efforts to provide a solid infrastructure for the industry’s development into digitalization, contributing to achieving a healthy, prosperous and efficient healthcare ecosystem. TrialOS drug digital platform, innovatively takes “cooperation” as the core concept, aiming to eliminate information silos through data interaction, process collaboration and standard unification. It is a data-driven platform which integrates industry resources, achieves value extraction and upgrade ,brings win-win for all parties, and enables better new drug research and development.

TrialOS unified landing entrance of 20+ software and gave intelligent recommendation via deep understanding of user needs
20+ software have been integrated into TrialOS platform to form a unified project database, site database, subject database, PI database, enterprise database and drug database to integrate data, file and process completely.
TrialOS Drug Digital Cooperation Platform

Win-win Cooperation between Sponsor, CRO and Site


  • Site selection: patients-adequate, experienced and high-qualified
  • Same process: online submission to accelerate the site startup and close-out
  • Fast recruitment: AI recruitment assistant, HIS dock with EDC
  • Quality assurance: timely feedback and resolution of quality problems


  • Project access: access to suitable project, reducing invalid communication
  • Management improvement: online process, improving internal management capabilities
  • High efficiency: provide scientific research tools and improve the efficiency of enrolling
  • Compliant: three-levels quality control, audit history traceable