Service Level Agreement(SLA)


Please carefully read and fully understand the content of each term, in particular the terms with respect to exemption or limitation of liability, and the service level and agreement index provided by Taimei Technology for customers. You may not use the services unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement. Any act of using the service shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by the Agreement.
In the event of any violation of this agreement, Taimei Technology has the right to unilaterally restrict, suspend or terminate the provision of this service at any time in accordance with its violations, and has the right to hold you responsible.


A service level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a client to ensure the performance and reliability of the service at a certain cost. Herein includes guarantees for service effectiveness, such as guarantees for fault resolution time, service timeout, security, data integrity, and fault response time. Service level agreement is a service provided by the IT operation department to ensure the normal, safe, efficient and economic operation of IT infrastructure and application systems by comprehensively using various IT operation and maintenance support tools.

Agreement scope

This agreement is an agreement between you (users) and Zhejiang Taimei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. regarding your use of this service. This agreement applies to Zhejiang Taimei Medical Technology Co., Ltd.'s drug digital collaboration platform (

Service availability 

Calculation method: (service uptime-service downtime) / system uptime * 100%
Goal: 99.9%
1. Availability means rarely interrupted service (Downtime) and service resilience;
2. The statistical cycle of the service unavailability rate is the natural month. It's planned as one month if the cycle is less than a month.
3. The calculation unit is the unavailable time of the front-end and back-end services for a single tenant (taking a single tenant as a unit instead of a single account or a single function of the company in drug digital collaboration platform.)
Definition of service unavailability:
1. If the response time of front-end and back-end services exceeds two minutes, count it as one time of unavailability. Those less than two minutes will not be counted;
2. The unavailable time does not include planned task time such as system upgrade, cutover, and maintenance (will be announced in advance).

Service reliability

Calculation method: average elapsed time between the ending of one failure and the beginning of the next
Goal: 90 days
Note: The meaning of the index definition is the service uninterrupted time, mean time between failures

Network access performance 

Goal: Multi-line BGP access
Note: Taimei Technology ’s Internet exports are all BGP lines, that is, the Internet exporting links are interconnected with operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and Education Network; the current Taimei Technology business system platform will not limit the bandwidth for the active visiting clients from the Internet.

Service measurement accuracy 

The drug digital collaboration platform charges according to the clinical trial project initiated by the user or the service time.

Service auditability

Calculation method: All business operation records are kept for audit
Goal: Available for audit
1. All business operations have log records, and the logs are saved for more than 6 months. All server logins are all accessed by the bastion machine, all operations can be found in the bastion machine, and the entire process can be retrospectively simulated, and the logs are saved for more than 12 months;
2. If the customer has questions about the service security of Taimei Technology, Taimei Technology will provide clients with on-site review, but will not provide log records to clients;
3. Taimei Technology will cooperate with law enforcement authorities at any time, providing all system logs to law enforcement authorities for audit.

Right to know of data

1. User data is stored in Alibaba Cloud East 2 Data Center and North China 2 Data Center.
2. All user data has at least two backups, including hot backup and cold backup.
3. The user cannot choose the data storage location.
4. All known Data Centers must adhere to Local laws and relevant laws of the People's Republic of China.
5. All user data will not be provided to any third party, except for government supervision and audit. All user data will not be stored in foreign data centers or used for foreign business or data analysis. Users’ behavior logs will be used for product design optimization, but it will not be presented externally.

Data privacy

1. Taimei's drug digital collaboration platform provides services to customers or users in unit of tenant. Each tenant has an independent tenant ID, and tenants are isolated by tenant IDs.
2. The ownership and use rights of the tenant and data belong to the client or user.
3. All operation and maintenance of personnel's operations on the server have operation records and support dynamic playback function.

Data portability

The drug digital collaboration platform provides data to the public through standardized data structures, and users can export data by themselves.

Data destroyable

During the contract period of the drug digital collaboration platform, the operation and maintenance managers of the cloud service provider shall not delete data in any way.
Outside the contract period of the drug digital collaboration platform, after the written permission of the active data destruction is submitted by the customer or user, the data destruction process is submitted to permanently and irrecoverably delete the data.

Data store persistence

Goal: The promised data storage durability during the contract period is 99.99999% for users.
Note: Data persistence is counted according to the service cycle. Take one natural month as the unit of a service statistics cycle, and a cycle less than one month is counted as one month. That is, the durability of the target file per month during the contract period is 99.99999%. Persistence is measured in unit of document.

Business resource deployment capability

The drug digital collaboration platform has flexible extension capabilities. Customers or users can apply for extension or reduction of required resources as needed. Administrators can add accounts, projects, and function modules online in real time.

Fault recovery capability

Taimei Technology provides fault monitoring and 24/7 operation and maintenance; and provides technical support by calling and email to report faults. It has a complete set of fault emergency response mechanisms such as fault monitoring, automatic alarm, rapid location, and rapid recovery.
Taimei Technology has a systematic and standardized fault handling plan. The database uses real-time synchronization among the main and backup, local backup, and remote backup to ensure automatic recovery and manual recovery of the fault. For fault monitoring, Taimei Technology has a self-built monitoring system that covers the operating system, middleware, application services and system logs, etc., and promptly alerts by email and Ding Talk. The fault handling staff has multi-level engineers, and adopts corresponding levels of reporting procedures for different faults.

Changes and termination of Services

Taimei Technology has the right to modify some service indicators of this service level agreement in a timely manner according to the changes, and promptly post an announcement on its official website or send an email or written notification of the modification to users.

Service compensation clause

If and only if the service of the drug digital collaboration platform is unavailable due to its own reasons or serious malfunction, the drug digital collaboration platform service has the obligation to fix the problem as soon as possible. When services are unavailable for a time longer than promised, users may be compensated appropriately.

User constraints clause

Users shall ensure that when using Taimei Technology services, they will comply with national and local laws and regulations, industry practices and social public ethics. They will not use the services provided by Taimei Technology to store, publish, and disseminate the following information and content: any content (information) that violates national laws and regulations ; political propaganda and/or news information that violates state regulations; information that involves state secrets and/or security; feudal superstitions and/or obscene, pornographic, indecent information, or instigating crime; gambling prize , gambling games; information that violates national ethnic and religious policies; information that prevents the operation of the Internet; information that violates the legitimate rights and interests of others and/or other information or content that is detrimental to social order, public order, and public morals. You should promise not to provide any convenience for others to publish the above-mentioned information content that does not comply with national regulations and/or these terms of service, including but not limited to setting URLs, banner links, etc.
The user shall agree that Taimei Technology has the right to terminate the provision of services to the user when the user violates the above agreement. The user shall compensate for any loss of Taimei Technology due to any above violation. Users shall ensure that they will not use technical approaches or other means to attack or disrupt Taimei Technology cloud services.

Service provider exemption clause

Taimei Technology shall not be liable for any accidental loss caused by improper operation of the user.
Under no circumstances will Taimei Technology be liable for any failure or delay in providing services due to force majeure and accidents. For the purposes of this clause, force majeure and accidents refer to the unpredictable and unavoidable failure of information network due to normal equipment maintenance, information network connection failure, computer, communication or other system failure, power failure, war, natural disaster, government action and other objective conditions of natural and social phenomena that cannot be overcome.


Taimei Technology has the right to modify some service indicators of this service level agreement in a timely manner according to the changes, and promptly post an announcement on the Taimei Technology official website or send an email or written notification of the modification to users.