Taimei Technology is Recognized as A National High-Tech Enterprise

2017-12-29 15:00:48 Taimei 0

As stipulated in the Measures for the Administration of the Recognition of Hi-tech Enterprises and Guideline for the Administration of the Recognition of Hi-tech Enterprises, Jiaxing Taimei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as National High-Tech Enterprise in Nov.2017. The notice has recently been displayed online by the leading group of the National High-tech Enterprise Management Office.

The recognition of hi-tech enterprises is based on a comprehensive assessment and identification of the independent intellectual property rights, technological achievements transferability, research and development organization and management level, growth index and talent structure, which are subject to layers of screening and strict examination. Among them, product research and development and the corresponding assessment of the marketing accounts for a large proportion of the entire assessment process. The panel of judges will critically assess whether the progress of product R&D and continuous technology innovation in the past three years is of actual value and progress. They will determine the technical content of products and sustainable innovation capabilities based on the uniqueness and innovation of products. Meanwhile, they will strictly assess the actual product sales, sales, growth rate, market share and other objective financial data, which show the strong demand and acceptance of market to products. Thus, the final recognition fully interprets the strong support and recognition of the national authority for its innovation and R&D. In addition, it will play a significant role in promoting independent innovation and R&D of the company.

After being awarded the title of "National High-Tech Enterprise", we will emphasize on technical innovation construction, increase investment in scientific research projects, in order to enhance our core competitiveness, strengthen our innovation and development potential and provide strong technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises.

In recent years, we have been qualified with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification and ISO20000 IT Service Management Certification. In addition, we have been awarded with Runner-up Prize of Development Group in the Biomedical Industry Finals of the Fourth Zhejiang Torch Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the Fourth Prize of the National Finals of the Sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The continuous pursuit and practice of new technologies have affirmed us as "market-leading cloud solution provider in the life sciences" and won us the leading marketing position, which will urge us to further advance to be the most reliable technology-based solutions for the industry.