Project Manager

2018/05/10 Shanghai 0

Job Responsibilities

1. Project execution management:

a) Responsible for clinical research EDC configuration and data management projects;

b) Communicate with customers and internal teams to determine the project schedule;

c) Make overall arrangements for the project tasks and strictly control the project process;

d) Write, maintain and save project documents such as Data Management Plan (DMP), Data Verification Plan (DVP), User Acceptance Testing Report (UAT), system manuals/slides and data management reports according to SOP;

e) Implement project, timely report SOP violations and have a strict control of project quality according to SOP;

f) Conduct data management according to DMP and SOP and regularly report to customers;

g) Maintain the progress of the project and report the status of the project on a regular basis;

h) Maintain customer relationships and resolve customer issues in a timely manner;

2. Pre-sale and aftersales support:

a) Demonstrate system to customer on site or remotely to answer related questions;

b) Regular remote system demonstration and system training;

3. Product demand arrangement:

a) Regularly organize the suggestions and opinions of the customers and insiders on the system and feedback to the responsible persons of relevant products;

Project Assistant

2018/05/10 Jiaxing 0

Job Responsibilities

1. To ensure that all parties operate in strict accordance with the company's SOP;

2. To coordinate the internal regular project meeting and collect the weekly report;

3. To assist in the appointment of external project meetings and work with the project manager to record meeting minutes;

4. To help sign and collect departmental internal training records;

5. To help organize project folder and archive properly;

6. To complete project configuration work arranged by the project manager;

7. To promptly assist the project manager in collecting all aspects of information;

8. To complete other work assignments given by the line manager;

Job requirements

1. Have a certain understanding of clinical knowledge and the applicable laws and regulations;

2. Good interpersonal communication and organizational skills;

3. Proficient in using office software

4. Proficient in Chinese speaking and writing ability and basic English ability;

5. Can be strictly confidential;

6. College education in clinical, pharmacy, nursing, IT or other related professional;

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