Java Architect

2018/05/10 Shanghai 0

We are seeking Java talent partners to work with us. In addition to coding, we hope you can:

1. Be responsible for the system design of the company's products;

2. Complete the architecture design that meets the scalability, security, reliability, scalability and maintainability to meet the business needs;

3. Optimize the existing architecture and new architecture to solve the problems of the existing technology architecture;

4. Study the technological development of the industry and evaluate external technologies and solutions;

5. Recommended technology architecture programs to enhance the technology architecture in the field;


Our Java talent, are you equipped with the following:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, more than 7 years’ work experience; (unlimited working years for those quite talented experts)

2. Proficiency in Java development, mainstream technologies and frameworks; (including language foundation/JVM tuning/multithreading/MyBatis/Spring/Struts, etc.)

3. Proficiency in Tomcat, JBoss and other mainstream application server;

4. Understand object-oriented analysis and design methods, be familiar with commonly used J2EE design patterns such as reflection, MVC, DAO, be familiar with distributed system design, and have good structure and standard document writing ability; (right, you really need to be quite capable)

5. Willing to accept the challenge; you know you are not a laid back coder but a geek;

Welcome to contact us to talk about architecture development.

Senior Product Manager

2018/05/10 Shanghai 0

Job Responsibilities

1. They shall be responsible for the overall grasp and work arrangements of product planning and development direction. They shall have comprehensive planning and co-ordination of product development planning based on the company's development strategy. They shall have clear positioning, goals, strategies and implementation;

2. They shall independently analyze competing products and do user research, write a complete MRD, PRD, to help the development team to understand and grasp the demand;

3. They shall independently develop product development plans, and work with R&D, testing, operation and maintenance departments to track the entire realization of product demand process and guarantee the implementation and release of products as scheduled;

4. They shall be fully responsible for the specific product life cycle and responsible for the quality and effectiveness of the final production line;

Job requirements

1. 3 years’ working experience in clinical research, project management experience is preferred;

2. Bachelor’s degree or above in medicine or IT related background, overseas study or work experience is preferred;

3. Proficiency in Office software, at least including Word, Excel and PowerPoint;

4. A good copywriting ability, English writing ability;

5. Clear thinking, strong expression ability;

6. Organization and coordination and strong communication skills;

7. Good team player;