eSite, Clinical Trial Management System

Project Management Platform for GCP sites based on Multi-Party Collaboration

  • eSite is a multi-party platform for clinical research project management independently developed by Taimei Technology for GCP sites. 

  • eSite establishes standardized operational procedures and tasks for all parties involved in clinical research project preparation, project execution, and project completion to help GCP sites effectively carry out project management through information technology, enhance the operational capacity of institutions, and improve the quality and efficiency of trial execution.

  • eSite system is designed for better user experience with fresh interface, practical functions and easy operation. 

eSite Enables Full-Range Information Management of Clinical Trial Projects for GCP sites.


Online Project Application - Standard, Efficient and Streamlined Process 

  • The GCP office publishes the template on eSite according to the SOP 

  • CRA submits project data online according to the requirements 

  • The GCP office accesses to information online, where the questionable or missing information can be feedback 

  • When the data is reviewed, the project is transferred to the relevant leaders for online approval  


Online Ethics Submission - Flexible, Timely and Efficient

  • Meet a variety of ethical needs for quick review, joint review, and filing 

  • Automatic generation of ethics fee list 

  • EC online access to information, online feedback questions or lack of information 

  • Approval documents can be viewed and archived online 


Conference Management - Online Organization and On-Site Support, Efficient Communication and Results Generation 

  • Online meeting organization, participant notification for appointments, conference information release 

  • Online voting and automatic generation of voting results 

  • Online discussion and result generation 


Personnel Management - Transparent and Accredited Qualifications 

  • Add project team members with one click 

  • Automatically generate personnel resume 

  • Personnel resume retrievable 

Quality Control - Flexible and Efficient Management of Customized Quality Control Form 

  • Quality control at the stage of start-up: Customize quality control items; quality control of each item by users until all projects are completed and directly archived to form quality control files 

  • Quality control in the progress of project: fill in online, track and identify quality control issues; remind rectification party to implement quality control opinions by sending messages 

  • Final quality control: set quality control items according to the characteristics of the final stage; support printing and direct filing after online form filling 

  • Quality control for drug acceptance  

Project Statistics Management – Real-Time Control Over Project Progress and Risk 

  • Project statistics, follow-up statistics, progress statistics, cost statistics, SAE statistics, document statistics, quality control information statistics 

  • 20 risk indicators are displayed to facilitate timely discovery and review of progress 

  • Provide accurate data support for decision analysis: distribution of project functional departments and possibilities of undertaking more projects 


eTMF Professional Document Management - Compliant and Streamlined 

  • All folders of the project are set by default according to the GCP specification to meet the needs of the review by the institutions. 

  • Documents can be automatically archived during project approval and execution to ensure timely archiving and improve document management quality and efficiency 


eSupply Material Management - Accurate Synchronization of Warehouse, Site and Satellite Pharmacy 

  • Complete coverage of the process: drug storage → drug delivery → drug prescription → prescription drug delivery → drug recovery → drug return → general material receipt → general material use → destruction processing → abnormality processing 

  • Accurate monitoring: drug monitoring, inventory inquiry and risk warning