eTrial, Phase I Ward System

Strengthen the Operational Efficiency and Quality of the Phase I Wards to Improve Project Capacity

  • eTrial is an information-based phase I ward management system independently developed by Taimei Technology with perception of the needs and challenge of phase I ward. The cutting-edge technology combining the experience gained by industry experts in many years of clinical trial operation ensures a smarter, more standardized, stable, flexible, efficient, aesthetically appealing and operable system. 

  • eTrial's system is designed to operate in accordance with GCP requirements to standardize and streamline key subject and sample management, and effectively help to improve operational efficiency and quality of the awards under the phase I project, and improve project capacity. 

  • eTrial seamlessly interfaces with Taimei Technology's eCollect (EDC) system and the like to inherently share data and improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of clinical trials. 


Subject Management - The Best Subject Management Tool for the Phase I ward

  • Support data XML, Json and other formats to export, interface with EDC 

  • Support data docking of HIS and LIS systems 

  • Medical order management 

  • Voice intelligent entry is available for original medical record input 

  • Configuration of medical record form in compliance with CDISC  

  • Mobile configuration supports quick entry of records such as blood collection 


Sample Management - Accurate Sample Management Tool for Phase I Ward

  • Labeling management: label system generation, printing, pasting, checking, standard process 

  • Sample processing: sample status classified query, sample information real-time view 

  • In-out stock: support virtual in-stock, virtual out-stock 


Configuration Management - Customized Configuration Module Information, Flexible and Efficient 

  • Customized configuration of sample, drug, warehouse and other module information 

  • Drug dispensing settings are connected to eSite to build a complete material transfer information system 

Mobile-end Equipment - Anytime, Everywhere, Efficiently and Conveniently 

  • The mobile-end is equipped with mobile version and PAD version to read the doctor advice at any time, and record the blood collection time in time. 

  • Real-time synchronization of mobile-end data with PC-end 

Multiple Hardware Access - Data Interoperable Accurately and Efficiently 

  • Support the access to height and weight instrument in the ward, label printer, label scan code gun, electrocardiograph and other devices, and measurement data is directly transmitted to eTrial, and recorded to the corresponding subject ID. 

eCollect (EDC) seamless docking - improve data accuracy and optimize processes 

  • eTrial and eCollect use consistent data standards for seamless inherent docking 

  • No need for secondary transcription, avoiding data entry errors, saving CRC costs and improving efficiency 

  • No need for CRA to do SDV, streamlining workflow, improving CRA work quality and efficiency, and reducing project costs 

eSite Seamless Docking - Standardized Data Sharing and Process Management 

  • eTrial and eSite use consistent data standards to seamlessly interface with each other, and form a standard and consistent management system with all projects of the institution. 

  • eTrial drug flow information synchronizes with eSite to enable complete material management 

  • eTrial SAE data synchronize with eSite to unify processing and reporting and improve adverse reaction information