eBalance ® | Interactive Web Response System,IWRS

eBalance ® | Professional Drug Randomization and Management System

Real-Time Monitoring and Accurate Management of Trial Drugs to Ensure Scientific Rigor of Research

eBalance® is jointly developed by top medical experts and computer engineers according to the actual needs of clinical research. is subjected-centered to support drug randomization and management in multicenter clinical trials.

eBalance® system design subject randomization, enrollment, drug dispense during visit, emergency unblinding and other procedures, with capability to optimally monitor and manage drug turnover and validity. A variety of randomization methods and randomization simulation capabilities can maximally ensure the scientific rigor of clinical research.

eBalance® supports smart drug supply management to reduce the occurrence of drug waste. Friendly reminder mechanism contributes to faster, better and more accurate clinical research drug management.

Smart Drug Supply Management Reduces Waste and is Faster, Better and More Accurate



                    Supports Multi-Randomization Methods

      • Blocked randomization

      • Stratified block randomization

      • Minimizing randomization

      • Custom randomization (without secondary programming)

                    Smart Drug Circulation and Tracking

      • Drug transport

      • Drug recovery

      • Over-temperature medication

      • Drug destruction

      • Drug delivery

Comprehensive and Accurate Data Analysis

  • Dynamic inventory presentations, real-time data update

  • Automatic generation of statistical reports

Friendly Message Reminder Mechanism

  • Automatic notification of drug expiration date, inventory and other key information

  • Drug supply smart mail alerts

  • Custom mail reminder information

Professional Design, Multi-System Interconnectivity

  • Title 21 CFR Part 11 System Basic Standard

  • GAMP5 System Validation Standard

  • Inspection marks and electronic signatures

  • Supports interaction with system data such as eCooperate and eCollect® to avoid double entry caused by data inconsistency