Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing Services

Complies With Laws and Regulations, Supports Research and Development, Reduces the Risk of Drug Re-registration Setback, and Optimizes Drug Commercial Values


Consultation Based on Professional and Practical Pharmacovigilance System

  • Team Set-Up

  • Standard Business Process Set-Up

  • Business Training Guidance

Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing Services Based on System and Professional Practice

  • Individual Case Report Processing Service

EDC data automatic transmission to reduce errors

Report bulk upload and processing

Intelligent medical audit management to automatically determine a new type of adverse reaction

Causal evaluation tools assist in objective and consistent evaluation

Automatically generate multi-dimensional adverse reaction reports and analysis results

  • Document Retrieval Service

Efficient search: set up document retrieval in advance in eSafety system

Automatic duplicate check: the system automatically summarizes information search and checks duplicate entries, thus improving work efficiency

Literature search scope: VIP database, Wanfang database

  • PSUR Writing Service

Formulate online PSUR writing plan for effective communication and reminder; complete information without omission and delay to improve audit approval rate.

The system automatically generates various types of statistical analysis report to increase efficiency by over 70% while ensuring quality.