Intensive Drug Monitoring Solutions

System-Based Informatized Solutions to Effectively Improve Efficiency and Save Cost

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During the Project Planning Phase, Our Professional Pharmacovigilance Team Assists in Program Development

  • Formulation: Develop specific monitoring plans based on product characteristics and existing safety information

  • Communication with Regulatory Authorities: Communicate closely with regulatory authorities in the early stages of the project to ensure that the plan meets regulatory requirements


During the Project Implementation Phase, We Adopt Professional Systems for Drug Monitoring.

  • Establishment of an Electronic Information Processing Platform: system is developed to reduce human labor to improve efficiency and reduce costs

  • Electronic Data Management: electronic management, information collection, data entry, processing, auditing and assessment, to ensure completeness and accuracy

  • PV Medical Writing: writing project plans and summary reports for standardization, normalization, efficient communication and implementation

  • One-Time Entry: to solve problem of information collection requirements of efficacy and security database

  • Automatic Forwarding/Generation of Specified Format Tables: Efficient and accurate reporting of security information

  • Compliant with Regulatory Requirements: In post-marketing studies, non-serious adverse reactions also need to be reported to the ADR Center within 30 days