eReport ®Electronic Patient Reported Outcome System,ePRO

Professional ePRO for Clinical Research

Enhance doctor-patient communication during clinical research, obtain subjects’ information in electronic format and improve research quality

eReport® is a professional electronic patient reported outcome system jointly built by leading medical experts and computer engineers of Taimei Technology according to the actual needs of clinical research. It can be used in clinical research to solve the problem of difficulty in obtaining patient information, handling of traditional paper-based reports, poor subject compliance, etc.

Patients can download eReport® app, where they can transfer information via their mobile equipment and coordinate with investigators and clinical research coordinators.

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eReport® APP for Subject - Accurate and Timely Upload of Data and Information

  • Medication Records: precise record of the daily medication information of subjects

  • Communication: timely interaction to reduce the probability of adverse events

  • Health Education: multimedia learning materials to enhance the subjects’ understanding of the project

  • Visit Management: book a visit to reduce unnecessary loss

  • Hardware Access: access to mobile smart devices, and connect big data analysis

eReport® APP for Investigator - Effectively Enhance Patient Communication and Management

  • Communication: communication between doctors and patients helps reduce the occurrence of adverse events

  • Enrollment Progress: timely review of enrollment status and monitor progress

  • Patient Management: Check subject's daily medication status and communicate correspondingly

  • Data Query Management: Automatically generate data queries for reference to improve the accuracy of study results

  • Visit Management: Click any day of the calendar to view the appointment visits