eCooperateTM | Clinical Research Cooperation Platform


eCooperateTM  has taken a leap from our original AIMS (Clinical Trial Management System), enabling multi-party cooperation in clinical research project management.

eCooperateTM takes project management as the core concept, connects all systems under the Taimei Technology, including eCollect®(electronic data collection system,EDC) , eBalance ® (Interactive Web Response System,IWRS), etc.. The unified platform streamlines end-to-end information flow concerning process, data and documentation.

eCooperateTM assist PM in reviewing site data at any time, providing data-based insights of project risks, delivering task instructions, and tracking issue resolution status.

Strategic Monitoring Based on 17 Risk Indicators and Site Task Allocation Mechanism

Real-time statistics of key risk assessments is an efficient tool for improving project quality by helping PM discover and resolve issues promptly as they occur

  • Data from multiple integrated systems can be aggregated for real-time analysis and compared with historical data

  • 17 built-in risk indicators can be configured alert thresholds and mitigation measures generated based on assessment

  • Intervention time limits and measures can be set for task allocation and tracking in time


Online SOP - Flexible Configuration Adaptable for Various Reports, Forms and Workflows

Perfect integration of company SOPs into every detail of workflows

  • Structurized project protocols, configurable intelligent planning and accumulate organisation operation templates

  • User-defined templates for monitoring reports, confirmation letters, follow-up letters, contracts, site investigations, audits and so on

  •  User-defined fields for monitoring plans, SAEs, PDs, issue tracking, etc

  • Freely set business nodes, customize rapid configurations from personalized workflows, signatures to countersignatures, etc


Efficient Online Document Management

With the integration of eArchives® (eTMF), eCooperateTM can help achieve timely and holistic document management with compliance

  • Fulfill compliance requirement of document management

  • Supports export and automatic archiving of various document types

  • Create and manage documentation planning, with document management compliance statistics

  •  Online document preview, review, annotation, download, as well as issue tracking


User-Defined Cross-System Report for Optimal Efficiency of Data Analysis

With the integration of eCollect® (EDC) and eBalance® (IWRS), eCooperateTM can realize self-defined cross-system report query seamlessly

  • Single-entry of data for multiple location sharing, avoiding repetitive work

  • Data aggregation across data collection, drug logistics, document management and progress monitoring

  • Supports user-defined report configuration and manual or automatic export

Data mining backed by data display to support well-informed decision making