TrialOS Drug R&D Cooperation Platform

As a leading provider of technology solutions in life sciences, Taimei Medical Technology has been adhering to the ‘Accelerating The Accessibility of Innovative Drugs’ for the mission, efforts to provide a solid infrastructure for the industry’s development into digitalization, contributing to achieving a healthy, prosperous and efficient healthcare ecosystem.

TrialOS® Drug R&D cooperation platform,innovatively takes “cooperation” as the core concept, aiming to eliminate information silos through data interaction, process collaboration and standard unification. It is a data-driven platform which integrates industry resources, achieves value extraction and upgrade ,brings win-win for all parties, and enables better new drug research and development.

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

TrialOS unified landing entrance of 20+ software and gave intelligent recommendation via deep understanding of user needs 

20+ software have been integrated into TrialOS platform to form a unified project database, site database, subject database, PI database, enterprise database and drug database, integrate data, file and process completely

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

Site Screening: Site big data, multi dimension site screening

• Site basic information searching

• PI information and experience searching

• Potential subject searching

Site Start-up: Solve the comprehensive site start-up and close process, communication and progress problems

• Customized site process and progress sharing

• Project file online delivery and review 

• APP solution

Electronic data collection:  Reduce cost and time, improve data quality

The connecting of HIS and EDC saves 80% manual transcription

Quality Control: Complete quality assurance system

• Multi-level quality control: customized quality control report, automatic trigger of quality control plan, multi-level cooperation

• File management: auto-filing, multiple-parties sharing within the site, strict authority control

• Training: Training record, online testing, and online followin

Subject Recruitment: Reduce the recruitment cost and improve the process

The connecting of HIS and adaption of AI technology help screening the potential subjects automatically according to project inclusion criteria