eSafety | Pharmacovigilance System

Comprehensive Integration of Drug Safety Work Flow to Improve Efficiency and Quality

eSafety is a professional information system in the pharmacovigilance field jointly built by senior drug safety management experts with working experience in domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, and leading computer engineers after we have a profound insight into the drug safety area.

eSafety creates product safety information database and integrates clinical research and post-market product safety data to build big database. It can improve the efficiency of report processing by 50% while standardizing the report processing flow.

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eSafety 3-End Integrated Information Collection Approach

  • PC: for literature reporting and feedback information collection

  • Mobile APP: for spontaneous report and follow-up information collection

  • IPAD APP: for the collection of AE information for clinical trials

eSafety System Design in Line With International Standards and China's National Conditions

  • Title 21 CFR: System Basic Standard

  • ICH E2B:Data Interchange Standard

  • GAMP5: System Validation Standard

  • Compliant processing of reports from various sources

  • Informatized processing of national feedback data

  • Automatic write-up of adverse events description

  • PSUR report online write-up and submission to management